Founded in 2015, Articul8 “A8” is driven by its core people and leadership. A8 vaunts nearly 20 years of communication experience and excellence with talented individuals across the continental USA.


A8 is a smart-build software, data and communication provider, built and focused on the current growth needs of the competitive Big Data and communications marketplace.  A8 boasts a best-of-breed, cost effective network, merging legacy telecommunications practices and technology with next generation hardware, designs and applications. 


A8’s innovative products and services put us at the forefront of value to our vast array of partners.  A8 customizes each offering whether it is engineering and constructing a Wi-Fi Smart Environment, collating behavior statistics, developing cloud-based call center applications or housing databases domestically and/or internationally. 


A8 currently services multiple clients spanning several large industries in the USA and worldwide.   From small coffee shops, to medium size college and universities, to the largest insurance company, A8 has the sophistication and resources to support your business.  To learn more about A8 and what we can do for your business, please contact us.