A8’s VoIP Telephony Services range from an affordable, easy-to-use and feature-rich phone solution, to Nationwide and International calling via SIP Trunking. A8’s telephony network is highly scalable and fully redundant, with best-in-class software and technology for the utmost dependability. Our direct peering connections with top carriers around the world ensure instant call delivery and superb precision with every call.  

























  • Generous cost savings and diminished total cost of ownership

  • Maintenance costs are minimized with a fully managed cloud solution

  • Productivity-enhancing features such as Call Hunting, Simultaneous Ring, Find-Me/Follow-Me, Virtual Telephone Number and many other

  • Mobile and desktop applications enable mobile working and virtual teams

  • Built-in disaster recovery and redundancy to reroute calls

  • High-quality voice, point to point video, and messaging




  • Convergence of voice and data using new or existing broadband connection

  • Transports voice and data traffic over a single, dynamic pipe

  • Seamless integration with existing telephony and data network

  • New trunks for growth can be added effortlessly for quick scalability   

  • Burst call paths across multiple locations and sites

  • Customized flexible calling plans to meet unique calling requirements





A8’s promoted WINS service is designed for businesses and schools of all sizes, creating a smart-environment using a dynamic Wi-Fi network design focused on delivering prime data through innovation, automation and technology.  This intuitive network will capture key demographics and behavioral data which is key to growing and retaining customers, streamlining processes and adding bottom-line value. A8 will survey your physical and virtual business landscape to optimize your Wi-Fi reach and capabilities

while delivering the valuable data that is key to growing your business. 





  • Wi-Fi with 5x more area coverage, delivering affordable and reliable service with advanced Wireless LAN (WLAN) capabilities.

  • Advanced Wi-Fi signal routing, wireless meshing and centralized management capabilities.

  • Customized App will give users the ability to use traditional communications features (voice, text, email, instant message, video chat) with the freedom from their mobile provider.



  • Completely cloud-managed, secure and compliant network.

  • Distribute emails and text messages to users with targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Customize the online user experience with branded splash pages and redirect pages.

  • See real-time data on Wi-Fi usage, customer dwell times and paths traveled on-site






A8’s exclusive ARI service encompasses all communication network elements and components to extract meaningful insights which can be utilized to better comprehend, appreciate and improve business performance.  A8 will examine, clean, convert and model summarized data to deliver only the most useful and desired material.  Paramount to everyday business, A8 will customize our analytical reporting and provide this information in real-time with easy and instant access, distributed to specifications that best fit the business.




  • Personalized and specific reports that have meaningful effects on the overall business that collect and convey desirable information such as:

    • Who are my visitors/customers?  

    • How do I get to understand them better?

    • Number of times they have visited the business

    • Where do they spend their time (size dependent)?

    • Demographics

    • Contact information

    • Social interests

    • How do I leverage analytics to further my current partnerships and/or create new partnerships?

  • Network real-time diagnostic and monitoring capabilities amass over 100 reports to produce intelligent examples as:

    • Current Users Online

    • New Users vs Repeat Users

    • Users Time Spent Online

    • Users Duration Online

    • Floorplan Analytics

    • Heatmap Visibility

    • Frequent Websites Visited

    • User Demographics

    • Emotion Capture (Enhanced Feature)

    • Social Media Analytics






A8 builds customized database solutions for any size business that is personalized and privatized to each of our clients' needs.  Databases are easy to navigate, 100% secure and can be located anywhere for 24/7 access. A8 facilitates the valuable information that drives your bottom line thru our customized, robust reports.  Unique search features let users see the data most important to them and in a format most beneficial to their daily objectives. 


Features after all information is gathered and entered into Database:

  • Applied critical business logic 

  • Validation for supreme accuracy

  • Identification and Quarantine of ‘Bad’ data

  • Customized Data Settings

  • Restricted Access

  • Advanced Search capability and Results

  • Seamless Addition of New Data and Records

  • Move, Add, Delete and Change capabilities

  • Access from Multiple Devices